Issue 3


Academy Award winner David Martí on del Toro’s Crimson Peak / The rise of BGFX and their wonderful work on Game of Thrones / Pierre-Olivier Persin on Nobody From Nowhere (Un illustre inconnu) / Phil Tippet’s model and mould making for the holographic chessmen puppets in Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Neill Gorton on the prosthetics for Victor Frankenstein / Mike Mekash on the enduringly brilliant American Horror Story.

Tutorials and tech specs

A fail-safe technique for blocking nostrils in a life cast, part two of Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni’s close examination of colour theory, Neill Gorton on silicone block moulds, and Andrew Sinclair ARBS on sculpting the human eye.

Plus: wisdom from Academy Award winner Mark Coulier, Laura Sutherland on the gender balance in the film industry, and a look around Mike Elizalde’s Spectral Motion Incorporated’s workshop.


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