It’s a wrap, sadly

Most unfortunately, issue, 23 will be the last issue of Prosthetics Magazine, and therefore print subscriptions are no longer available.

We battled long and hard through the pandemic with all its challenges, continually adapting to keep printing, but the spiralling cost of energy, paper, and international shipping have finally made the magazine financially unviable for us.

Options to remedy this would be to reduce the quality to something unrecognisable to our readers, in tandem with increasing the cover price to a level we would deem unreasonable for customers to pay. We have chosen not to go down that route, but instead to bow out while we are proud of the product we have offered.

We are extremely sad to say goodbye to the mag and extend a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to, read, advertised in, and distributed it over the years; you made it what it was, and we loved creating it.

Back issues will remain for sale on this website for the foreseeable future, and digital subscriptions are still available for you to access the entire collection of 23 issues online.

Thank you again for your support, it has been sincerely appreciated.

May 2022