Issue 1


Kate Walshe of Millennium FX on creating the hyper-realistic medical prosthetics for Sky 1’s Critical / Behind the scenes with the creature shop team on del Toro’s The Strain / Profile of Adam Johansen and Damian Martin of Australian success story Odd Studio / Nikki Shelley and Luci Pittalis on their incredible, self-modelled of face painting FX.

Tutorials and tech specs

Danny Marie Elias on creating patterned pieces, Todd Masters on merging prosthetics and CGI, Andrew Sinclair ARBS on armatures for 3D sculptures, Arturo Balseiro on painting techniques for replicating the appearance of skin, Todd Debreceni on temporary tattoos, Richard Martin on casting a silicone bust, and Arvin Clay, Justin Neill, Mark Coulier and Neill Gorton talk silicone prosthetics’ evolution.

Plus: wisdom from Allan Apone, a tour of the Fractured FX studio, creature designer Jordu Schell on what makes an artist, and Laura Sutherland on the impact of Facebook’s Graphic Content Policy.


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