Issue 12


Davina Lamont and Göran Lundström’s work on Genius, Bill Corso on Deadpool 2 / Ivan Poharnok’s Budapest-based Filmefex on the prosthetics for US television sleeper hit The Terror / Jim Udenberg on Anders Tangen’s Norwegian series Magnus / The second of a two-part feature on master sculptor Don Lanning.

Tutorials and tech specs

Neill Gorton on adapting generic dentures for a custom-fit, Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni’s second instalment on creating burn scar effects, and Neill Gorton’s guide to flock and flocking.

Plus: wisdom from Frank Ippolito, a supplier spotlight on Allan Apone’s MEL Products, a tour of Thingergy Inc.’s new Burbank studio space, an investigation of haunt and scare attractions on a visit to Transworld, and this issue’s B-Sides: the story of the creature FX team from Babylon 5’s feature-length pilot movie The Gathering who lost out on the subsequent series.

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