Issue 11


Major Planet of the Apes retrospective / Millennium FX’s mutant making for The Titan / Rick Baker on his fascination with creating ape suits throughout his unparalleled career / Part one of a feature on sculptor extraordinaire Don Lanning / An insight into the challenges of constructing ape suits from some of the industry’s leading artists.

Tutorials and tech specs

Vincent Van Dyke on the creation of the industry’s newest gorilla suit, and Todd Debreceni and Stuart Bray take us through the first part of a tutorial on producing believable burn scar effects.

Plus: wisdom from Academy Award winner David Malinowski, what it’s like to win an Oscar (and Louise Tutt and Neill Gorton give an insight into the workings of awards), and this issue’s B-Sides: Stan Winston’s series of cutting-edge makeup techniques developed for Planet of the Apes.

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