Issue 14


Robert Kurtzman on Netflix adaptation The Haunting of Hill House / Mike Marino’s Prosthetic Renaissance (Proren) FX’s work on HBO’s True Detective / Martin Ruddock’s exploration of a carnival of monsters for Doctor Who (Part 1) / Paul Jones on his Star Trek journey / Neill Gorton on transforming Sir Kenneth Branagh into William Shakespeare for All Is True.

Tutorials and tech specs

Stuart and Todd on fixing bad edges, and Neill Gorton on a simple clay squeeze technique to duplicate an appliance sculpture.

Plus: wisdom from Academy Award winner Christopher Nelson, fond farewells to two industry treasures: Daniel C. Striepeke and Matt Rose, supplier spotlight on Jaro Turek’s EBA Performance Makeup, Joe Nazzaro investigates a new book by Mallory O’Meara on Milicent Patrick’s unsung work on The Creature from the Black Lagoon, we look at five years of The Prosthetics Event, and this issue’s B-Sides: the superb creature FX that didn’t appear in 2018’s The Predator.

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