Issue 2


Nick Dudman on the fabulous Penny Dreadful prosthetics / Hollywood sculptor Jordu Schell on FX fascinations / Profiles of Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., and Rapidly rising star Vincent Van Dyke.

Tutorials and tech specs

Danny Marie Elias on approaching your first prosthetics project and Rob Mayor on Millennium FX’s animatronic polar bear for Sky Atlantic, Mike Mekash’s unique ‘Opsite’ bladder technique, Italian makeup FX artist Valentina Visintin on painting a silicone dummy head, Stuart Bray and Todd Debrecini on colour theory fundamentals, and Andrew Sinclair ARBS on sculpting the human foot.

Plus: wisdom from Mike Mekash, Rob Freitas’ touching tribute to the supremely talented Moto Hata, and a tour of the new Millennium FX workshop in Aylesbury, UK.


Past Issues

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    Issue 1 Summer 2015

    The Strain, Critical, Adam Johansen & Damian Martin, Armatures