Issue 16


BGFX’s Barrie Gower on five seasons of the biggest television show in the world / The second part of our profile of Academy Award-winning makeup FX and fine artist Wesley Wofford / Creating effective lookalike makeup for Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes in The Loudest Voice / Justin Raleigh and Fractured FX getting into their DC Comics swampy stride creating Swamp Thing.

Tutorials and tech specs

AKIHITO shows us the steps he used to create his beautiful steampunk Tre Kana makeup which astonished everyone at Monsterpalooza 2019, and Stuart Bray and Todd Debrecini modify snap moulds to make customised cores for a multi-piece, overlapping prosthetic makeup.

Plus: wisdom from Sarah Gower, gator love and gore from Adrien Morot, the international museums that preserve prosthetics, and this issue’s B-Sides: Steve Johnson on a trio of Marvels that got away.

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