Issue 19


The aliens of Star Trek: Picard / KNB co-director Greg Nicotero talks about his career evolution from makeup effects to producer / KNB co-director Howard Berger looks back on a three-decade career / The B-Sides: Steve Johnson’s extensive work on Tim Burton’s ill-fated Superman Lives / Jason Hamer recounts the build of an extraordinary 40-foot sea creature for a new telling of the Peter Pan legend in Wendy / FX Cribs Special on KNB EFX Group: we talk shop with the co-directors and take a trip through the company’s LA homes over the years / Nacho Díaz on resurrecting Spain’s historical characters for While at War

Tutorials and tech specs

Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni take us deep into the subjects of air and compressors in part 2 of their primer Airbrush-101, Neill Gorton discusses combining digital and practical manufacturing techniques, and our jargon buster helps you navigate the complicated path of sourcing vegan makeup FX products.

Plus: wisdom from recent Goya Award-winner Nacho Díaz, and Internet sensation Vanessa Davis – aka The Skulltress – discusses her journey from theatrical hair and makeup artist to full-time social media influencer.

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