Issue 18


Todd Tucker, Martin Astles and Doug Brown of Illusion Industries create creatures and makeup FX for Adam Egypt Mortimer’s Daniel Isn’t Real / Dave and Lou Elsey take on extreme gender-bending real life disguise challenges for Bravo’s In A Man’s World / Tristan Versluis on his Oscar-nominated FX work in 1917 / Joel Harlow’s take on demonic possession for CBS’s supernatural series Evil / The second of our two-part celebration of Rick Baker’s life’s work / Tom Savini: The Official Biography of The Sultan of Splatter / Dr Sleep: Robert Kurtzman’s Overlook Hotel adventures in the sequel to the classic horror story The Shining

Tutorials and tech specs

Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni’s first installment on airbrushes: both kinds of airbrushes deconstructed, and all you need to know to keep them working well.

Plus: Wisdom from Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetics Studio’s Clinton Aiden Smith, the history of life casting in film special effects, and pushing the envelope at the extreme end of face and body art.

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